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FBI Retired Case File Review

The host of FBI Retired Case File Review with Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent writing crime fiction inspired by true crime FBI cases. In this podcast, she interviews retired FBI agents about their most intriguing and high-profile cases, reviews how the FBI is portrayed in books, TV, and movies and recommends crime fiction. Photos and links to articles about the cases and topics discussed can be found at

Mar 22, 2018

Retired agent Ralph DiFonzo served in the FBI for 30 years. He was initially assigned to the Salt Lake City Division, and later to the Los Angeles Division where he worked on the Major Case Violent Crimes Squad and handled high-profile cases – kidnappings; bank robberies; celebrity stalkings; fugitive investigations and extortions. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Retired agent Ralph DiFonzo reviews his eight-year fugitive case to apprehend John Riccardi, wanted for the double murder of Connie Navarro and her friend Susan Jory. Connie Navarro was the mother of the Rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Dave Navarro who produced "Mourning Son" a documentary about the tragic event. Ralph DiFonzo appears in the film. As an FBI-certified Police Instructor and a former member of the FBI SWAT Team, Crisis Negotiator, and Crisis Management Coordinator, he supervised a Safe Streets Task Force when reassigned to the New Haven Division. Since his retirement, Ralph DiFonzo has provided training to law enforcement and private sectors throughout the United States. He works as a private investigator and a consultant with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Team Adam and Project Alert. He also conducts security audits & assessments in schools and businesses and has been responsible for installing and training personnel in Live-Scan Fingerprint Systems within the State and Federal Government. Ralph has appeared on various TV and radios programs and interviewed in various national newspapers and publications, offering his expertise and experience regarding ongoing high-profile criminal cases.