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FBI Retired Case File Review

The host of FBI Retired Case File Review with Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent writing crime fiction inspired by true crime FBI cases. In this podcast, she interviews retired FBI agents about their most intriguing and high-profile cases, reviews how the FBI is portrayed in books, TV, and movies and recommends crime fiction. Photos and links to articles about the cases and topics discussed can be found at

Feb 24, 2022

Retired agent Charles Stuber reviews his bribery and public corruption investigation of North Carolina Speaker of the House Jim Black. At the time, Black was serving his eleventh term in the House of Representatives and was the most powerful politician in the state. Chuck Stuber served in the FBI for 28 years.

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Feb 10, 2022

Retired agent Charlie Cunningham reviews his investigation of David Lindsay for cocaine trafficking. Lindsay was a highly decorated war hero who had retired from the military after about 21 years in the Marine Corps and the Army. As reflected on Lindsay's DD-214 military record, he had earned over twenty medals...