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FBI Retired Case File Review

The host of FBI Retired Case File Review with Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent writing crime fiction inspired by true crime FBI cases. In this podcast, she interviews retired FBI agents about their most intriguing and high-profile cases, reviews how the FBI is portrayed in books, TV, and movies and recommends crime fiction. Photos and links to articles about the cases and topics discussed can be found at

Oct 22, 2016

Retired agent Bob Cromwell served 22 years with the FBI. In the early part of his career, Bob was assigned cases under the Violent Crimes Program and investigated dangerous fugitive matters. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Bob is interviewed specifically about his investigation and capture of two fugitives wanted for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP). One was a rapist and the other the murderer of a well-known New Orleans Catholic Priest. Following his success as a field agent, Bob moved up the management ranks and retired as the Special Agent in Charge of the Jacksonville Division. He currently serves on and is board chairman of the Innocence Project of Florida, working to exonerate innocent people sent to prison for crimes they did not commit. In this episode, Bob is also interviewed about his fight to correct and prevent wrongful convictions. His new book—Fugitive Man: Hunting Violent Criminals for the FBI and Searching for Justice for the Innocent Convict—covers his FBI career and Innocence Project work. Bob can be contacted via his website